You’re That Way

Shiri Zorn - Vocals / George Muscatello - Guitar / Robert Halek - drumset


I will not hide what I’m feeling.

Don’t know what else there’s to do.

Things have begun to be undone.


When will I see you again?

Why does my life so depend?

You’re that way, from what I’ve found.

Can I stay when you’re around?


Things have become oh so new.

My guess that’s when I met you.

And your hair, shines with such light.

Can’t compare another sight.


Although I’m trying to do without you,

Still the air that I breathe is not yours.

For it’s you that I, write in the sky,

When I am flying high!


Can’t stop to think of another,

When your eyes looked at me lashing true.

For the moment made, what was forbade,

A rondevous or two!


When you laugh all I can say,

Feelings you touch tend to stay.

Need your breath to be so near.

Feels like death when you’re not here.


Can’t let you go or look away.

I’ll just hold on enough to stay.

You’re that way. You’re that way.

And I’m here to be near,

I’m that way.



© Copyright 2015