I Should Think Twice

Melinda DeRocker - (Vocals) Wayne Hawkins - (Piano)


When I walk by and I see who you are.

You move when I move like two shooting stars.

I think it’s yes when, I should think twice.

Every time you’re near, I roll the dice.

Your silent eyes and your mind so composed.

Am I just one more demand to impose?

Oh how can you know how lovely you are.

Will I ever know your dreams?

Thinking over what it means.

So many others but none so serene.

Will I find my way from under this dream?

You’re everything now, I should think twice.

Every time your near, I roll the dice.

I can’t conceive of a life without you.

Desperate to know if you hold the same view.

Turquoise and tender but I’ll never know,

Was it you or was it me, drifting off far out to sea.

Turquoise and tender how lovely you are.

Never once, not with love,

I should think twice.